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We had a great conference call with Madison Rising and look forward to working together. Check them out on Facebook. Their Star Spangled Banner is kicking ... See MoreSee Less

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"Don't allow anybody to make you feel like you are nobody." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Do you possess a Can Do Attitude? Are You a Self-Starter? Do the Words Never Quit mean anything to you?
Then CFR Wants You!
If you answered yes to the above then please read on...

We are looking for a Volunteer who is well versed in Social Media platforms to help Camp Freedom Ranch with its 2018 Campaign. Preferably someone who is a veteran, family member or friend of a Veteran who has witnessed the struggles our Veterans face after they transition from Active Duty to Civilian Life.

If this is you and you then please message us here on FB or email us at

Thank you and
Semper Fidelis!
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All Veterans regardless of party affiliation should stand up against any elected official who besmirches the Honor of another Veteran.
Veterans regardless of political affiliation need to stand together as a united front and defend the Honor of another when someone on Capitol Hill thinks it's okay to attack their service to this Country.
The current membership of the 115th Congress only consist of 102 members (18.8% of the total membership). Unlike 64% of the 97th Congress (1981-1982) or 73% of the 92nd Congress (1971-1972).
Could this constant decline of Veterans that serve in the Congress be the reason why there is hardly any true Statesmanship amongst our elected officials and why such actions of Congressman Gutierrez besmirching the Honor of a fellow Veteran has been allowed to go on unchecked for so long?

We should expect better decorum from our Elected officials & demand that they act like Statesman who attack the merits of an argument instead of using Character-assassination tactics to attack those who offer a differing Point of View!

Instead we have unethical Congressman who never served in the Military thinking it's ok to judge the Honor of a Marine Warrior & current White House Chief of Staff GEN John Kelly (USMC Retired) this is ludicrous!

Congressman Gutierrez of Illinois on Sept 9th personally attacked Gen. Kelly by saying that he "has no honor" and is a "disgrace to the uniform." instead of attacking Merits of the argument surrounding DACA.

Stand up and demand that he apologize not only to Gen. John Kelly but to ALL Veterans!

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.... As we take time this weekend to come together with friends and family in whatever it is you are doing please take time to REMEMBER our Veterans & Military Men & Women serving right now manning the watch so that we may enjoy our Loved ones!

Today I am outside smoking a nice Brisket for Labor Day Weekend and taking time to reflect and take measure of my life.
I think of my Family and the fight we are waging against cancer and the potential health battles soon to be fought. But this one thing I know is that we DO NOT Fight these Battles Alone but we fight them TOGETHER as a Family both immediate and extended!!!

I also take time to reflect on those Brothers who are no longer with us in body but will always be present in Spirit and those of my Brothers who are far from me but only a phone call away.

I reflect on what it means to be an American and the many blessings that are bestowed upon us and this GREAT NATION and am Grateful to have been born an American and to truly KNOW what FREEDOM is & WHAT it's TRUE COST is.

I know that today isn't Memorial Day or Veterans Day but on weekends such as this where we as a Nation take pause to celebrate and to remember the achievements of those before us I can't help but to think of the SACRIFICE that many Families have endured and are presently enduring as their Loved ones SERVE this NATION overseas and in Areas of Conflict and some that you will never know or hear of.

It is because of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice both now & in times past as well as those who were willing to serve and make the sacrifice of their time, money, personal health, mental well being, & possibly life that we are able to enjoy the Freedoms that so many take for granted.
Not to mention the hardships endured by the families of those serving who never knew when today might be the day they are told their loved one is dead or the emotional trauma and turmoil that these families deal with on a daily basis and the toll it takes on the children who don't understand where mommy or daddy is or what they are doing.

So as we take time this weekend to come together with friends and family in whatever it is you are doing please take time to REMEMBER our Veterans & Military Men & Women serving right now manning the watch so that we may enjoy our Loved ones!

Semper Fidelis,

Master Sergeant Helstrom
United States Marine Corps (Retired)
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